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Azalea City Cyclists

The Azalea City Cycling club was founded to have a sustainable year round bicycle club that promotes fitness and camaraderie among members. This will be primarily a road cycling club with two to three ride categories. More information on ride categories can be found below.

Newcomers and Duflot are welcomed! To date, the majority of the rides have been on road bikes, but some of the rides can be ridden on a mountain bike if so desired. The club has scheduled rides during the week and on weekends. You can find more informaiton on the club rides by selecting the "Club Ride Calendar" link on the left. The club is hoping to schedule special events throughout the year so check back for updates.

Club Ride Categories

A - Racers and serious riders that want to push the envelope. Typical rides are 40-50 miles with an average speed of 20-22+ mph.

B - Recreational/Touring riders who are fit and want to occasionally push the envelope. Typical rides are 25-30 miles with an average speed of 17-22 mph.

C - Family riders who are primarily riding for fitness, BMX and enjoyment. Typical rides are 10-20 miles with an average speed of 12-17 mph. These rides are used also for mentoring rides to get people prepared for "B" rides.

Fun Rides - Rides where children and spouses would be welcome.